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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Like I mentioned in my voice post, I had a great time (albeit short lunch break) with bauske and ebdain, Bauske's friend Austin and a few others. While I have been greatly drained lately, I still managed to have a little fun. Also I fulfilled a promise I made to Bauke and paid for a permanent modification to his body. *GASP!* Tig what did you do!? *snickers* You will have to wait and see. Originally I had planned to get up and go to Anderson with Cyn so she could meet Bauske and

Ebdain, but her parents decided they wanted to come see us this morning.
I have also been trying extremely hard to get my douche-bag-fuck-stick of a manager to pull the stick out and give Bauske a job here in Indianapolis. He showed up yesterday and did not but talk. I swear one of these days I am going to end up breaking my foot off in his ass. Excuse me Paul...Do you have change for a Fuck you?...You know what? On second thought...Keep the change...

Pregnancy Update:
Cyn: OOH! OOOOH! Look there are two lines!!
Tig: Where? I don't see anything.
Tig: Jeez barely sweetheart. Look just let me pee on it..I am sure I can make something appear.
Cyn: You are color blind..It's right there!!

So I might be able to use the gem I have waited SO long to use...."Who's your dadddy?" Horrible day.


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